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Remote Monitoring

We remotely monitor data networks ensuring hardware is working like it should. Key computer components will usually provide indicators when they are failing. When we maintain a network we setup server and user redundancy so when a key component does fail we usually know and we can correct the problem to ensure the business does not stop because of a key component failure

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As we all know, backup data is a computer "need", much like breathing is a human "need". Whether the data is on a workstation, server, or external drive a backup is a requirement to ensure peace of mind. Backup is insurance for the end user and backup also need to be tested for the ability of restoration. It is no good to perform backup and keep copies and then find out they're useless. When have you tested yours?

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Network Security

There is no such thing as a standard network. Anyone saying you need to setup your network to uniform standards has not worked in business networks or for a variety of clients. We have seen network attacks from China, North Korea, Canada, Romania, South Korea, United States, and more... We have seen attacks using brute force, spyware, and port vulnerabilities. Our clients have a variety of networks and a variety of weakness that need to be secured from outside threats to insider misjudgments or bad network design. What may protect one network may just be an open door for another. Is your information protected?

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Server Maintenance / Repair

Most business can ill afford a workstation to "crash" much less a server. Most servers are used five or more years and are upgraded as necessary. Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Yearly maintenance should be performed in conjunction with Monitoring to ensure continuing uninteruptable performance. When did you have your server cleaned?

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Workstation Maintenance / Repair

The computer that is used to roam the Internet will cost a lot more to keep running at optimal condition than a computer that does not. Most businesses workstation maintenance budget is spent on a few workstations that are used for downloading "Harmless" applications because "spyware" slows down or completely shuts down the workstation. In addition, a spyware infected computer can and will slow down a network affecting the server and other workstations. A well cared for networked workstation will provide a business with many years of service. And the question is, where has your workstation been?

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