Fidelity Computer Service - Server Products

Consultant about Servers

We offer custom built Servers that are built with approved and/or compatible components to the Operating System. Each Server is built to the specifications necessary to perform now and for five years from now. Not all Servers perform the same and no there is no such thing as a "Standard Network" and that means we need to know as much as possible about your needs. For a idea on Server pricing click here.

Critical Usage, Critical Up Server

These Servers are designed with protection and redundancy of critical Server components. No one can prevent "Acts of God" from occurring but we can assure you that with the right Server and the right policies in effect your downtime would be negligible. Usually they come setup with RAID 1+0, Mirrored and Stripped Hot Swapable Hard Drives, providing excellent data protection. Our standard in downtime for hardware is 4 hours or less.

High Usage, Standard Servers

This type of Server are the ones most likely to be found in small to medium businesses and with 75 or less users. They provide excellent security features and very reliable hardware. Setup with RAID 1, Mirrored Hard Drives, these servers provide the best bang for the buck. Our standard in downtime for hardware is 24 hours or less.

Entry Level Servers

These Servers are designed for a startup network or a network which does not require the features provided by higher level server hardware and software. These servers usually have minimal security features and are used for data storage and file sharing. These Servers are also configured with RAID 1, Mirrored Hard Drives which provides for excellent data protection along with good backup policies. Our standard in downtime for hardware is 48 hours or less.

Updated September 8th, 2010